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Joe, the CEO of the company, is a very friendly person, He is always willing to listen to  the customers’ advice and trying his best to meet the customers’ requirements. He is a person in rich chemical knowledge, has more than 20 years experience in chemical sales, like trying new things, he always think more for the customers, most of the customers would like to stay in touch with him after the first cooperation. He is also a reliable man with a lovely home and likes to watch TV with his family.


Sales Manager

Candy is our sales director. She has 13years export business experience and comprehensive knowledge of fertiliser products. Married with one daughter, like gardening and China traditional culture. Candy is the right person to contact if you are interested in purchasing fertiliser or have any questions at all regarding the differences Kagro can offer.

Li Zhang-1.jpg
Li Zhang
Finance Manager

She is mainly responsible for the company financial affairs, Company accounting, report, budget work. She is a very easy-going girl, like many other chinese girls, she likes go shopping and travelling. She likes watching US TV series.


Chace is a passionate and warm heart person. He has been in the foreign trade business for five years and had rich experience. He likes swimming , singing and enjoys watching NBA matches. You can contact Chace if you have any question about the products.


Sales Represantative

Lisa is our sales representative, she is proficient in agricultural fertilizers. Married with one child Lisa likes shopping, singing, reading and she always go out with her friends do anything they enjoy. Lisa is the best one you can trust if you are interested in purchasing fertilizer or have any questions.