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Wuhan Kangzheng Science and Technology Co.,Ltd is located in the traffic hinge Wuhan City, It is a leading professional chemical manufacturer, which was founded in 2004, It is committed to the integration of research and development, production and sales of the product.

Vegetables and seeds that are poisonous to Parrots

The flesh itself is non-toxic and beneficial, but please remove the core or seed before feeding. Poisoning symptoms can be Appearing within a few minutes, including narrowing of the throat, nausea, vomiting, headache, etc. can lead to death.

How to apply medium trace element fertilizer?

In the process of planting grapes, medium and trace element fertilizers are often applied to achieve the purpose of increasing production. How does the grape apply the trace element fertilizer? Here are some tips on how to apply trace minerals in grapes

The paraspecific neutralisation of snake venom induced coagulopathy by antivenoms

Every year, millions of people around the world are bitten by snakes in the tropics and more than 100,000 people die. If there is enough anti-venom serum specific to snake species, these deaths can be avoided completely. The reason for the high cost and shortage of antivenom serum is that its manufacturing process still follows the tradition of the last century.

Electronic grade chemicals that you do not understand

Electronic chemicals, also known as electronic chemical materials, refer to fine chemical materials that are specifically designed for the electronic industry, IE integrated circuits, electronic components, printed circuit boards, industrial and consumer machine production and packaging Chemicals and materials. Electronic chemicals are integrated disciplines with multiple disciplines such as chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, and electronic engineering.

Sodium metabisulfite cannot soak food

After a week-long investigation by the Huaxi Dushi Bao Daily News reporter, the secret of keeping Shantou fresh was unveiled: adding sodium metabisulfite to bleach. On November 27, Shuangliu County law enforcement officers conducted surprise inspections of the processing plants and markets in question. Among the steamed dumplings, one of the samples had been found to have exceeded the standard for sulphur dioxide. What is sodium metabisulfite? Can it be used for food bleaching? We consulted nutritionist Yang Juan.

Analysis of Current Situation of Sodium Sulfite Market in China

Sodium sulfite is a common sulfite, and it is mainly used in the industry to prepare cellulose sulfite, sodium thiosulfate, organic chemicals, bleached fabrics, etc., and also used as reducing agent, preservative, chlorine remover and the like. As an important chemical material, it has a wide application market space in our country.