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How to apply medium trace element fertilizer?

How to apply medium trace element fertilizer

Before germination of grapes: In order to promote the germination of new roots, early germination, prevention of early spring freezing damage, early zinc supplementation, spray 1500 times solution of zinc oxide.

Germination to new shoot growth stage: In order to promote the healthy growth of grape shoots, provide sufficient nutrients for flower bud differentiation, spray 1000-fold solution of sodium octaborate or potassium octaborate, and spray 2000-3000 times of EDTA/EDDHA chelated iron. The solution is 2-3 times to prevent yellowing of iron deficiency.

From flower bud period to flowering: In order to promote the vigorous development of grape buds, promote normal pollination and fertilization, reduce buds and falling flowers, spray octaborate or potassium octaborate 1000 times solution, and spray 1500 times solution of zinc oxide.

Application techniques of trace element fertilizer in grapes

After flowering to the ear formation period: in order to reduce the physiological fruit drop of the grape, increase the fruit setting rate, promote the fruit expansion, reduce the size of the grain, spray 3000 times solution of zinc oxide, and spray 1000 times solution of the sugar alcohol chelated calcium fertilizer.

Berry growth period: spraying 1000-1500 times solution of sugar alcohol chelated calcium fertilizer, can promote fruit enlargement, sugar accumulation and peel coloration during grape bulging period, prevent cracking, increase fruit firmness and prevent physiological defoliation; Promote fruit coloration, improve high-quality fruit rate, prevent physiological yellow leaves, prevent early defoliation; 15 days before grape harvesting, increase fruit coloration and accumulation of tree nutrients, and prolong fruit storage period after fruit picking.

After harvesting, the base application of autumn fertilizer: spray 2000-3000 times solution of suspended zinc oxide, can supplement the nutrients of the vine, restore the tree potential, and lay the foundation for flower bud differentiation, flowering and fruit setting in the coming year.

The above is the introduction of some techniques for the application of trace element fertilizers in grapes. For farmers who grow grapes, they can refer to the above methods of fertilization and rationally apply medium and trace element fertilizers.